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Ring Sizing Guide

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Ring Sizing Guide

Bracelet Sizing Guide

If the piece of jewelry that you’re interested in is not available in your size, or if you have any additional questions on sizing, please contact us at 212-557-1337 or to check whether the piece is eligible for a complimentary resizing.

If you would like to determine your ring size immediately, we suggest the following two options:

Option 1 - Print Out a Ring Sizer

1. Print out and cut out a ring sizer (before you print, make sure that your page scaling is set to “none” on your print dialog box).

2. Wrap the ring sizer around the widest part of intended finder. Pull firmly for a tight fit.

3. The number that matches the sizer slit is your ring size.

Option 2 - Measure a Current Ring

1. Choose a ring that fits the intended finger.

2. Lay the ring over a size circle chart until you are able to match the inside edge of the ring to one of the circles in the chart.

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