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The Renowned Clientele of Cartier (And Why You Should Join Them)

The name Cartier is synonymous with refined taste and luxury. Casual jewelry lovers and devoted connoisseurs alike admire the meticulous craftsmanship, materials, and the undeniably enchanting power of each piece.

Welcome to World of Alhambra

From onyx to carnelian to mother-of-pearl, the precious gemstones that make up the shapes in the Alhambra Collection are bordered with lustrous diamonds and, in the case of many of the necklaces and ear studs, are also complemented with yellow, white, or rose gold.

Introducing the Share the Wealth Contest

Win a $500 gift certificate from Court and Covet.

Breaking the Code for Gifting Preowned Jewelry

When it comes to giving jewelry as a gift, we don’t just think that pre-owned is as good as new—we actually believe that it is better

Court and Covet’s Expert Tips for Online Preowned Jewelry Shopping, Pt. 2

This guide will help buyers discern a good deal from “too good to be true” and to feel more confident and secure about shopping for pre-owned jewelry online.

Save 10% on Cartier Through September 16

Through September 16, Court & Covet is offering 10% off on all Cartier items in our online showroom.

Court & Covet’s Expert Tips for Online Preowned Jewelry Shopping, Pt. 1

With the proliferation of various vendors and the difficulty of verifying a piece’s authenticity online, it can be difficult to discern a good deal from “too good to be true.”

Behind the Scenes: Our Global Team of Buyers

How does Court & Covet acquire the best of the best?

Announcing the 99-year Buccellati anniversary sale

Court & Covet is pleased to announce that we are celebrating the 99th anniversary of Buccellati, one of the most renowned and universally admir...

Five Steps for Taking Care of Your Designer Jewelry

Keeping your designer jewelry in pristine condition is not a huge challenge, but it is important to keep the following tips and techniques in mind so that your pieces remain as beautiful and captivating as when you first bought them.

Why Cartier Remains a Must-Have Jeweler

It is truly inspiring to behold their finest pieces, and wearing them is indeed an unparalleled indulgence in luxury.

Discover Milan-based Buccellati

The legacy of Buccellati jewelry exemplifies some of Court & Covet’s most cherished values.